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Kitesurfing – When Wind and Water Takes you Away from Yourself

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Seeking new adventures is one of the primary ingredients that human beings are made up of. It is essential in the present times that the people who are in search of adventure try out sports that can give them the best in terms of the adrenalin rush that they seek. One thing is for certain, and that is that water as an element on this planet can really offer you myriads of sports of various kinds that have the potential of giving you the best in terms of adventure and that much needed adrenalin rush.
One such water sport is Kiteboarding. Kitesurfing though at the sight of it might appear to be the simplest of water sports that you can ever see, but one thing that really needs to be said here is that before plunging into this most amazing sport  it’s important that you take the kite surfing lessons from an authority or an organization that has already proven its mettle in this field.

Kitesurfing Thailand has various elements that go into it making it one of the most intriguing and the most engrossing of water sports of all times. Just feel the ocean below your surfing board and the wind that is pulling your kite far and wide, and in between you are the one who  is trying to balance the two elements of nature.

You might have taken a couple of kite surfing lessons that might encourage you to take those tentative few steps towards the board with your inquiring eyes on the kite. You might have flown a power kite on the beach and you might have experienced a bit of body-dragging. It is important now that you take those first steps towards the advanced levels of this sport, and dare to challenge the elements in the best possible manner.

You might get intimidated by the sight of the kite dangling in the sky and you might be tempted to just run away from there, but the fact is that every kite kiteboarding thailandsurfer who is enjoying the sport at the highest of levels had  had these moments while they themselves were taking the kite surfing lessons. As you move ahead with your lessons the more accustomed you would become to the sport. For the safest lessons you should find a IKO instructor in IKO Thailand for the best experience.

One thing that has to be kept in mind is that you select the right  kite surfing spot to get the best experience. For instance Pak Nam Pran Beach in Thailand is one of the most favoured spots among all the kite surfers in the world. The more familiar you would become with the location the better it would be for your kite surfing lessons and further advancements.


Langkawi Gets World Class Scuba And Snorkel

Langkawi diving

The honeymoon paradise island of Langkawi in Malaysia is recognized by travel insiders as one of the world”s great nature destinations with million year old rainforest, spectacular ancient mountains, and stunning wildlife including hornbills, monitor lizards, monkeys and rare species including the colugo.

The island boasts a modern cable car, a leading international Regatta, a top world bicycle race and a brand new Four Seasons resort that seems certain to become Asia’s premiere honeymoon spot.

The exciting news is that Langkawi visitors have just gained access to the nearby Tarutao National park in Thailand which looks like the paradise used for those dreamy Bounty Bar commercials with azure seas, white sand beaches and more. Tarutao is normally only accessible by small boats from Satun Island for six months each year, but a new ferry service from Langkawi will make this marine paradise available to Langkawi visitors year round.Shark-Point

The islands of Ko Lipe, Ko Adang, Ko Tarutao and 50 more that comprise the Tarutao National park in Thailand are know to divers around the world as a dream destination that is difficult to access. They offer kilometers of colorful coral, white powder sand beaches, dozens of world class scuba diving sites and high concentrations of amazing underwater life including dolphins, whale sharks, manta, migrating whales, turtles and more.

This fabulous world class marine playground is now available year round to visitors to Langkawi due to a new ferry service opening 8 June 2005. The ferry service has been made possible through the cooperation of the Thai and Malaysian governments and the opening of a Thai Consulate in Langkawi last month.

Daytrips to the national park from Langkawi will operate three days a week and more frequently during peak season. The daytrips include the one-hour ferry trip, island hopping by speedboat, snorkel gear and a buffet lunch with refreshments.

Special trips include scuba diving trips with 2 dives, game fishing trips (catch & return), and a guided ecotour to explore the island”s corals and forests with a trained naturalist.

Thailand A Rock Climbing Paradise
Thailand A Rock Climbing Paradise

Rock Climbing in Thailand

Positioned in Southeast Asia, Thailand is actually bordered by Cambodia, Burma and Laos inside the north and Malaysia inside the southern area. The design of the nation was significantly just like Italy, and you’ll uncover distinctions being comparable northand Thailand that will be south which do in Italy. The southern of Thailand is within that your activity is actually for rock-climbing fans.

The stone structures in Thailand are practically widely limestone The amount of hiking tends to be as easy as bouldering or as difficult as dealing with over straight high cliffs. This will make Thailand rock this is certainly location that will be well-known it offers only a little a factor for all. You can find more information about Thailand on the page of Tourism Thailand

Krabi and Southern Thailand

Situated on the part that will be south of Thailand, Krabi provides a number that will be wider of hiking difficulties. All the climbs contained in this specific neighborhood is for the recreation path range this is certainly pre-bolted. You’ll find practically lots upon a huge selection of climbs with trouble degrees from newbie to knuckle this is certainly multi-pitch.

Thailand reise

If your wanting to money into your cost savings, just remember that , Thailand are a secondary place that will be regular. If you run through the period that will be damp there is certainly a great prospect you’ll merely end resting around alcoholic beverages that will be eating. While this is certainlyn’t as well poor, you’ll run crazy looking at the climbs that are therefore virtually, but oh so far out.pakkereiser thailand

The good thing about hiking in Krabi is…well, the sweetness. Whilst it’s most likely you really have visions of jungle and mosquitos once considering Thailand, Krabi are an certain part of a sort this is certainly various. All the climbs result put up on cliff face throughout the seashore. Getting lists which can be organic the Thai’s bring constructed holiday resorts, bars and so forth these areas. This means that, you’ll be able to actually go a route this is certainly multi-path for days, cool down with; swim and then have a beer subsequently. If you have anything as rock paradise that will be climbing think is actually numerous will it be.

Normally, you intend to visit Thailand from later through perhaps november april. The summertime several months are usually both hot acutely and damp. Just be sure to take upwards predictions when it comes down to location that’s certain arranging a vacation.

Flying to Thailand is actually affordable, but roads are exceedingly lengthy with stover. However, it is all worthwhile once thailand rock facts this is certainly functional for hiking. we reccomend you stop over in Bangkok and find a Bangkok guide for showing you around in this great city og Angels.

5 Safety Guidelines To Rock Climbing In Thailand


Rock climbing is a popular outdoor activity that everybody would love to experience, not just for the sight seeing after you reach the top but also for the adventure and excitement that you are going to experience. But before you think of traveling in Thailand and experience the rock climbing adventure, you should use these following safety guide.

These are the five safety guide to rock climbing in Thailand:

  1. Know the climbing area – before you do your rock climbing adventure in Thailand, you should be prepared and know the place or the climbing area itself. Keep in mind that your health is important so be cautious about the place and know if it is really safe to climb. It would be best if you have experienced in rock climbing before or knowledgeable about it. If you have no knowledge or experience at all, then you should get yourself prepared for few practices before going do this outdoor activity. You should also look for the establishment that offers guide services, to insure that you are dealing with the right people and you are on the right spot to do rock climbing.
  2. RockClimbingGet services from professional guide – the best thing that you should do is to know if they offer guide service from a professional or licensed climber. It would really take off your fears knowing that the person that you are with in doing this outdoor activity, is knowledgeable of what he or she does. Always remember that you are traveling to have fun and not to get some health issues, so keep guided by the professional and always follow the right thing to do. Another thing is that, when the place has guide services it means that the place is open to safe rock climbing experience.
  3. Be knowledgeable to wear gears and how it works – aside from preparing your clothes, cash, accommodation and transportation. You should also prepare yourself from getting the knowledge of using ropes and gears. This is if you are interested of doing the rock climbing in Thailand because you are going to need it. Even if there are professional guides around you, it is still important to keep your knowledge and skills on top. Just in case you need it, there is a chance for you to either save a life or save yourself in sudden circumstances.
  4. Do it with a professional rock climber – yes, doing it with professional and licensed climber is the first thing that you should prioritize. Aside from they have skills and knowledge in rock climbing. They already knew the place and they have exact technique in how to handle sudden circumstances. Just make sure that you are dealing with a knowledgeable person, licensed for real and observe the skills that he or she have.
  5. Get yourself prepared and be fearless – the last thing that you should remember in doing rock climbing in Thailand is to get yourself prepared from their environment, to the adventure that you are going to take and be fearless. In rock climbing, there is no turning back so keep your courage with you in doing it and make sure you enjoy your experience. Sometimes fear can get you to circumstances, so if you are really interested of doing it then do it but if you are having second thoughts. Then, take off and don’t try.

When you choose to experience rock climbing in Thailand, you will always get to experience fun and excitement, just make sure that you are on track and that you are safe from any sudden circumstances to have a happy travel experience.